BAK Power specializes in a comprehensive range of products and services that encompass cylindrical, prismatic, and polymer batteries, as well as battery packaging and tailored battery solutions. These offerings find widespread applications in new energy vehicles, consumer products, and backup energy storage solutions.

With a strong presence in the power battery sector, BAK Power collaborates with over ten world-renowned car manufacturers across a diverse range of car models. Their commitment to supplying reliable power solutions significantly contributes to the success of new energy vehicles.

At Robu, we have thoughtfully integrated a variety of the most sought-after battery packs, including single 18650, 21750, and 32140 cells, to facilitate the customization of lithium-ion battery packs for your unique needs. Additionally, our in-house Custom Battery Pack service allows you to create a tailored battery pack using your preferred BAK cells. Explore our offerings, shop with confidence, and don’t hesitate to contact us for all your battery requirements. Robu is your trusted partner for power solutions.

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