Welcome to DALY – Pioneers in Battery Management Solutions! Established in 2015, DALY Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of lithium battery protective boards, specializing in LiFePO4 BMS, NMC BMS, and LTO BMS for diverse applications. Our products boast specifications from 3S to 32S, 12v to 120v, and 5A to 500A, featuring Smart BMS technologies like BT, UART, RS485, CAN, LCD, and GPS.

Teaming up with Robu, DALY now offers a complete range of BMS solutions. Whether you’re into energy storage, electric vehicles, tools, or more, our collaboration ensures a seamless experience for your battery-building needs. Explore the synergy of DALY Electronics Co., Ltd. and Robu – Your trusted partners for cutting-edge BMS solutions. Power up your innovations today!

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