Welcome to the Digilent Brand Page! Digilent, formerly known as Digilent (an NI company), has been a pioneering force since the year 2000, dedicated to crafting cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Our mission is to empower engineers, researchers, and scientists by providing them with the tools they need to design and test with unprecedented flexibility.

Our customizable solutions are designed to expedite development processes, catering to both seasoned professionals and aspiring engineers. Digilent is committed to breaking down barriers, ensuring accessibility through competitive pricing, product portability, and comprehensive documentation.

At Robu, we’ve gone the extra mile by adding the most popular range of development boards to our catalog, making them available at your doorstep within just 3 days. Explore our selection and find the board best suited for your specific needs. Digilent is here to empower your innovation journey worldwide!

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