Welcome to Prusa – a pioneering name in 3D printing, founded in 2012 by Czech innovator Josef Prusa. Starting as a one-man startup, Prusa Research has soared to industry prominence, redefining 3D printing. Josef’s journey began in 2009 during his studies at the University of Economics in Prague, where his fascination with 3D printers grew from hobby to obsession. Joining the RepRap project, he ignited a revolution.

Today, Josef Prusa is a 3D printing luminary, and Prusa Research is a symbol of innovation. At Robu, we proudly extend this legacy to India. Our Robulabs feature an array of Prusa 3D printers and parts, making the technology accessible at your doorstep. Step into a world where history meets cutting-edge, and experience the evolution of 3D printing. Prusa – Shaping the future layer by layer.

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