Founded in October 2016, Skydroid Technology Co., Ltd. is a forward-thinking enterprise dedicated to technology development, specializing in the research and production of drones and drone components. The company possesses the capability to independently design and create digital control transmission links, flight controllers, airframes, pan/tilt systems, and FPV cameras.

Skydroid has maintained a steadfast focus on advancing integrated UAV technology, setting itself apart as one of the select few in the industry with core drone technology expertise. Their mission revolves around the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology within traditional commercial sectors. Their goal is to revolutionize conventional industries through technology, enhance operational efficiency through innovation, and reduce labor costs through the integration of artificial intelligence.

At Robu, we’re delighted to share our research-driven selection of top-quality products from Skydroid, ensuring that our customers experience excellence throughout their drone-flying endeavors. Explore our offerings and discover the outstanding options we’ve curated for you.

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