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Established in 2018, ToolkitRC has emerged as a leading force in the design, development, and manufacturing of balance chargers, testing tools, and power supplies. With a profound commitment to innovation, our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Boasting a remarkable 13 years of expertise in the balance charging industry, ToolkitRC’s R&D team has harnessed invaluable insights into user needs. This insight has paved the way for a meticulously planned range of products under the ToolkitRC brand, earning widespread acclaim among users in the RC cars, airplane, and drone communities.

At, we’re thrilled to bring you the most popular balance chargers compatible with various lithium batteries. Explore the page and discover the best-suited smart battery charger to charge and discharge your batteries with ease. Choose Original ToolkitRC charger available at for a comprehensive suite of tools that redefine charging, testing, and power supply experiences.

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