• ICSP Programmer Socket – UIC-S

    SKU: 10048

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    ₹ 354.24 (+18% GST extra)

    1. No external power needed
    2. Power Indicator LED on board
    3. Fit perfectly with UIC00A and UIC00B
    4. Support 18-pin, 28-pin, and 40-pin 8-bit PIC microcontroller.
    5. Selector to program 18-pin or 28-pin&40-pin PIC
    6. Come with 40-pin ZIF socket for ease of plug and unplug of PIC
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  • ICSP Universal Socket

    SKU: 10061

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    ₹ 310.17 (+18% GST extra)

    To ease user, Cytron has created this UIC-A so that user can use any programmer regardless of the development board. For example, a development board which uses PICkit2’s socket standard, which is 6-way header pins can be programmed with UIC000B by using the UIC-A!

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  • USB ICSP PIC Programmer – UIC00B

    SKU: 10053

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    ₹ 880.51 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Program most of the +3.3V or +5V PIC
    2. Compatible with PICkit2’s UART Tool and Logic Tool
    3. The program most of the current 8-, 16-, and 32-bit Flash PIC microcontroller
    4. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.
    5. Compatible with Microchip’s PICkit 2.
    6. Powered directly from the USB port.
    7. NO EXTERNAL POWER REQUIRED for UIC00B to function.
    8. Compatible with PICkit2’s Logic Tool and UART Tool.
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