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Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser (short)

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Need to reverse just one servo plugged into a Y-harness? Your radio reverse function will change both servos. Turnigy to the rescue! Our Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser is an in-line solution to your directional problems.

Simply plug the Turnigy Signal Reverser in-line between the servo and the receiver or Y-harness. It is really that simple. Designed to work with all servo plug types.

Servo Signal Reverser can be used in line to reverse the signal to a servo. The servo signal reverser is suitable for any type of servo and can switch the signal to positive in order to reverse rotation. You only need to set it in the servo channel in series which is easy to do.

Package Includes :

1 x Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser

Supply Voltage (V)

3 to 12.6

Signal Type

760μs 1520μs (Auto Detect)

Plug Type


Cable Length

5 CM

Weight (gm)


Shipment Weight

0.085 kg

Shipment Dimensions

8 x 4 x 2 cm


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