Components required to build robot for ABU Robocon 2019 Mangolia Theme


With the release of ROBOCON 2019 theme we have been receiving lot of queries from all over India. In order to answer them all in a more efficient manner we have provided a general format in which you can submit your queries and also tried to answer your most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Please download the “ROBOCON 2019 FAQ’s” from the link provided and follow the points mentioned it carefully when contacting us for your requests/queries/issues. 2019 FAQs

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We want shanghai this.


    You can buy the Shagai and Gerege from Mongolia’s official site for Robocon 2019, link is as below

    The cost of Shagai and Gerege is 30 USD/per piece and 65 USD/per piece respectively and this is also followed by shipping cost too!!!


    As it is seen that the cost of both the equipment is quite high, we at Robulabs planning to make the Gerege as per the dimensions and guidelines given in ABU Robocon 2019 Mongolia Rulebook and make it available to our Indian teams, so that their efforts and money will be saved.

    The Gerege will be available at site up till 20st of the December and at low cost. Note that this Gerege is not official Gerege(you can buy one from Official Mongolia Robocon site only), but it is designed and manufactured by considering dimensions and guidelines given on Official Mongolia Robocon site.


We want shagai this time, so can you provide us shagai?


    No. But we are planning to sell the Gerege, please read my reply above to the Mr. Yogiraj Lambe’s question for more details.


Whats the dates and venue for robocon 2019 india?

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