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A2212/13T Brushless Motor 1400 kv BLDC + SimonK 30A ESC

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  1. Offers great performance and value for money.
  2. Comes in the compact sizes.
  3. Suitable for airplane, aircraft, quadcopter.
  4. ESC used has an On-Board BEC.
  5. Faster and Better speed control.


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Planning for a multirotor or a UAV, you might be stumbling while choosing the right components to power your unmanned aerial vehicle. But here we have the solution in this pack of A2212 1400KV Brushless Motor + SimonK 30A ESC. This is good to go pack at a price every RC Hobbist can afford.

At, customer’s satisfaction is our happiness and to get that smile, our team had imported these motors from the variety of Chinese manufacturers and tested them for their abilities.

We found that this A2212/10T/13T 1400KV Brushless Motor has the best performance characteristic among those 4-5 samples.

If you are new in this RC Hobby then this is your absolute investment to gain basic knowledge in this area. These Out-runner type A2212/10T/13T 1400KV BLDC motors are equipped with the solid metal case which makes them reliable and durable. This A2212/10T or 13T Motor comes with the pre-soldered good quality connector for fast and direct connection between ESC and the motor.

The electronic speed controller SimonK 30A provides faster and better motor speed control giving better flight performance. This SimonK 30A ESC can work with 2S3S LiPO Battery and supply a maximum of 30A of current to the motor. It is equipped with onboard BEC which provides regulated 5V(2A max draw) to power the flight controller and other onboard modules of your multirotor.

This particular ESC is recommended with the A2212 brushless motor of 1000kv, 1400kv or 2200kv by

This pack containing an A2212 1400KV  BLDC and SimonK 30A ESC will give you moderate torque characteristics with the good range of flight speed.

This motor is bi-directional which means it can rotate in CW or CCW direction by swapping the polarity of input supply. 

  • Multirotors
  • RC Airplanes
  • Hovercraft

Features :

  1. The design of the A2212/10T/13T is capable of withstanding competitional conditions.
  2. Lightweight design makes them suitable for wide range of Multirotor Frames.
  3. Comes in the compact sizes.
  4. Offers great performance and value for money.
  5. This particular combination of motor and ESC with props gives you smooth throttle response for best RC experience.
  6. Suitable for airplane, aircraft, quadcopter.
  7. ESC used has an On-Board BEC.
  8. Faster and Better speed control.

Specification :

  1. A2212 10T/13T BLDC Motor
    1. Model: A2212 10T/13T
    2. Motor KV (RPM/V): 1400
    3. Maximum Efficiency: 80%
    4. Current Capacity: 16A/60S
    5. No-Load Current(A): 0.7A @10V
    6. Max. Efficiency Current: 6-12A
    7. Maximum Watts(W): 180
    8. Internal Resistance(mΩ): 65
    9. Poles: 14
    10. Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.17
    11. LiPO Batteries: 2S-3S
    12. Length (mm): 27.5
    13. Width (mm): 26.5
    14. Weight (gm): 62
  2. SimonK 30A ESC
    1. Constant Current: 30A
    2. Maximum Current: 40A @10S
    3. BEC: 3A
    4. LiPO Batteries: 2S-3S

Package Includes :

1 x A2212/10T/13T 1400KV Brushless Motor with Soldered Connector

4 x Prop Adapter

A Motor Holder (X-type)

A set of screws

1 x SimonK 30A BLDC ESC

15 Days Warranty

This item is covered with a standard warranty of 15 days from the time of delivery against manufacturing defects only. This warranty is given for the benefit of Robu customers from any kind of manufacturing defects.  Reimbursement or replacement will be done against manufacturing defects.

What voids warranty:

If the product is subject to misuse, tampering, static discharge, accident, water or fire damage, use of chemicals & soldered or altered in any way.


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