XY-L10A 10A Lead-acid Solar Storage Battery Charge Controller Module 6-60V


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SKU: 1165466
  1. Name: Battery Charge NC Switch Control
  2. Voltage: DC 6-60V
  3. Control Current: 10A (max)
  4. Control Accuracy: 0.1V
  5. Display Accuracy: +/- 0.1V
  6. Voltage Percent Calculation: Battery Voltage / (Upper Limited Voltage – Lower Limited Voltage)
  7. Output Type: Direct Output, Output Voltage / Current = Input Voltage /
  8. Current Control Type: Voltage Control, Relay Control Switch, Support use while charging
  9. Fit for: All kinds of batteries, lithium batteries, etc.
  10. Size: 79x42mm


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Brand: Generic
Category: Solar Panels and Controllers

For anyone who loves to utilise Batteries for electronics projects and other applications, battery health is quite an important factor to consider, as you will want your batteries to not only last a long time but also continue to deliver the power you want for as long as possible throughout their lifespans. Fortunately, this is a lot easier to do nowadays, with awesome Charging Modules like XY-L10A BMS 6-60V 30A Lithium Battery Charging Protection Module with LCD Display, which is a battery-health charging control unit designed to keep batteries or Cell Packs ranging between 6V and 60V DC fully charged, electrically healthy, and of course ready to deliver the power that you want to rely on when you need it most.

In addition to the very clever collection of automatic battery protection and Battery Charging features, the XY-L10A Charge Module also offers a range of extra features focused on convenience for the user. These include the ability to define a maximum and minimum voltage range for charging, a handy recharge timing function, automatic battery detection and parameter setting, as well as an extra safety feature to let the user know when the battery or cell pack is not connected properly.

These features, in addition to the high-quality components and easy usability of these Modules, make the XY-L10A Charge Module an excellent tool for anyone who likes to take care of their batteries, with safety features, a range of functions focused on convenience, as well as a fantastic onboard LCD display for easy operations and quick battery status identification.


  1. LCD display: battery voltage, Percentage of electricity, Charging time.
  2. Working status indicator
  3. Automatically controls charging/discharging to protect the battery.
  4. Charging time recording function: The product will record a full charge time when the charging time control is not turned on. Flashing shows the charging time when entering the time display interface. The data will be emptied when exit the time display interface or the next charge is turned on (the relay is turned on)
  5. Automatic parameter detection: The system will flash ‘ERR’ to indicate the reminder when the parameter is set and exiting but Lower limit voltage ‘in’ more than Upper limit voltage ‘UP’.
  6. Battery connection detection: This product is attached to the battery. If the battery is not connected, the system will display ‘nbE’ on the lower line to remind you
  7. Support UART data upload and parameter setting functions (TTL level); UART: 115200, 8, 1
  8. Data upload message format: Battery voltage + battery percentage + charging time + charging status(eg:12.0V, 020%, 00:10, OP)
  9. The control voltage range is DC 6V-60V. But battery voltage max is 48V. Because the voltage of the 48V battery is 60V after fully charged.
  10. The relay is automatically turned on and off continuously and flashing light if your charging current is too large or the battery capacity is too small. At this point, you have to reduce the charging current. Usually, the charging current is 10-15% of the battery capacity.
  11. Automatically cycled. Voltage control mode only controls turn-off and turn-on. But can’t limit current, the charging current is completely dependent on your charger.
  12. You can’t charge a 24V battery by inputting 12V Or charge a 12V battery by inputting 48V. Because this is a simple voltage controller just for ON/OFF, It can not change the output voltage.
  13. Applied in Car, Electric car, Factory, Communications room, Radar station, Computer room

Package Includes:

1 x XY-L10A 10A Lead-acid Solar Storage Battery Charge Controller Module 6-60V

SKU: 1165466 Category:
Operating Voltage (VDC)


Control Current

10A (max)

Control Accuracy


Display Accuracy

+/- 0.1V

Voltage Percent Calculation

Battery Voltage / (Upper Limited Voltage – Lower Limited Voltage)

Output Type

Direct Output, Output Voltage / Current = Input Voltage /

Current Control Type

Voltage Control, Relay Control Switch, Support use while charging

Fit for

All kinds of batteries, lithium batteries, etc.

Dimension (mm)

79 x 42

Shipping Weight 0.03 kg
Shipping Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 cm

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