• Benewake TF03 180M Long Distance Laser Lidar/Rangefinder for Drones, UAV UAS Robots.

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    1. Wide range, as far as 180m.
    2. Multi-interface compatibility, able to be used in many fields.
    3. IP67 high-strength bodywork and high reliability.
    4. Small in volume and easy to be integrated.
    5. High-speed measuring up to 10KHz, high repeated accuracy.
    6. Excellent highlight interference, able to be used outdoors.
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  • CE30-A Solid State 3D LIDAR Wide FOV Obstacle Avoidance Version.

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    1. Model: CE30-A
    2. Detecting Range:0.1~4m
    3. Pixel Resolution:320 x 24
    4. Ranging Resolution:1cm
    5. Repeatability:≤3cm
    6. Accuracy:≤5cm
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  • TF02 LIDAR Distance Ranging Sensor FOR DRONES UAV UAS Robots (22M)

    SKU: 34378

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    1. Accuracy : Centimeter-level (1% Relative error).
    2. Detection Frequency: 100Hz.
    3. FOV: 3°(3 degrees).
    4. Protection level: IP65.
    5. Power : 5VDC, <200ma.
    6. Interface: UART/CAN.
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  • TFMini Plus LiDAR Distance Sensor for Drones UAV UAS Robots (12m)

    SKU: 170839

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    TFmini Plus is a milestone of Benewake in the process of promoting the cost-effective -LiDAR. Apart from low-cost, small-size and low-power-consumption, TFmini Plus also improves the frame rate, introduces IP65 enclosures and optimizes various compensation algorithms. These new characters greatly expand the application fields and scenarios of TFmini Plus.

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