• 3DR Radio Telemetry 433MHz 500mW for PIXHAWK and APM

    Product Code(SKU): 29603
     3,990.00 (inc GST)
    1. Support LBT and AFA
    2. Built-in error correcting code(up to 25% data bit error)
    3. AT command configure data transmission
    4. RT command remote control data transmission
    5. Interchangeable air and ground 433MHz modules
    6.  Micro-USB port
    7. 6-position Molex connector
    8. SMA connector
    9. 2-way full-duplex communication through adaptive TDM
    10. UART interface.
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  • 3DR Single TTL MINI Radio Telemetry 433MHz 250mW for PIXHAWK and APM

    Product Code(SKU): 127297
     2,250.00 (inc GST)
    1. A range of several Kilometers with a small Omni Antenna
    2. Can be used with a bi-directional amplifier for even more more range
    3. Open Source Firmware
    4. At command for radio configuration
    5. RT Commands for Remote radio Configuration
    6. Adaptive flow control when used with APM
    7. Based on the Hope RF HM-TRP radio Module
    8. Featuring a SiLabs Si1000 RF Microcontroller
    9. Support OTG of Android Cellphone and Computer
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  • 433MHz 100 Meters STX882 ASK Transmitter Module + SRX882 Superheterodyne Receiver Module + Antenna

    Product Code(SKU): 51982
     249.00 (inc GST)
    1. Frequency Range: 433 MHZ
    2. ASK /OOK modulation mode
    3. Super anti-power interference
    4. Low-power sleep less than 1uA
    5. Low self-radiation
    6. Small size
    7. Frequency stability and reliability
    8. Various international testing standards
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  • 433Mhz 100mW Radio Telemetry Kit

    Product Code(SKU): 29600
     2,690.00 (inc GST)
    1. Available in 433Mhz
    2. Air data rates up to 250kbps
    3. The range is approx 1 mile (1.6 Km)
    4. MAVLink protocol framing and status reporting
    5. Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
    6. Adaptive time division multiplexing (TDM)
    7. Support for LBT and AFA
    8. Micro-USB port
    9. Adaptive flow control when used with APM
    10. Based on the HopeRF HM-TRP radio module, featuring a SiLabs Si1000 RF microcontroller.
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  • HC-11 CC1101 433MHz Wireless Transceiver RF Serial UART Module

    Product Code(SKU): 319335
     416.00 (inc GST)
    1. 433MHz operation
    2. Ultra-low power consumption (3.5mA or 22mA depending on mode) with sleep option (80μA).
    3. 10dBm output power and high sensitivity providing long range in the open environment.
    4. 3V-6V operating voltage.
    5. Serial pass-through mode to replace the serial cable (half duplex).
    6. IO pass-through modes.
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  • Mini TS5828 FPV Set 5.8G 32CH 600mW AV RC Transmitter

    Product Code(SKU): 29411
     1,249.00 (inc GST)
    1. Channels: 32CH
    2. Frequency: 5.6GHz-5.9GHz
    3. Power: 600mW/27DB max
    4. Work Voltage: 7V-24V DC
    5. Out Voltage: 5V
    6. Antenna: RP-SMA Female
    7. Covers A, B, C, D, H, L bands
    8. Compact and lightweight
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  • RF Transceiver Module

    Product Code(SKU): 58609
     159.00 (inc GST)
    1. Range in open space: 30 Meters
    2. Low Power Consumption
    3. Transmitter Frequency Range: 433.92 MHz
    4. Receiver Frequency Range: 433 MHz
    5. Sensitivity : 105 Dbm
    6. RX IF Frequency: 1MHz
    7. Very Stable Operating Frequency
    8. Low Current Consumption (Typ 11mA)
    9. Wide Operating Voltage (1.5-5v)
    10. ASK Modulation
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  • RF Transmitter Receiver Module 315MHz Wireless Link Kit For Arduino

    Product Code(SKU): 319016
     75.00 (inc GST)

    This Radio Transmitter & Receiver pair is perfectly matched to allow you to control items from a distance up to 500 feet wirelessly! Connect the transmitter to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller and the receiver to whatever you’d like to control.

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  • TS5823 200mw 48CH Mini Transmitter

    Product Code(SKU): 57622
     1,290.00 (inc GST)
    1. Channels: 48CH
    2. Frequency: 5.6GHz-5.9GHz
    3. Video Bandwidth: 8M
    4. Audio Bandwidth: 6.5M
    5. Antenna: RP-SMA, SMA
    6. Compact and lightweight
    7. Perfect for use with small models
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  • TS5828 Mini 48CH 600MW Transmitter

    Product Code(SKU): 57438
     1,249.00 (inc GST)
    1. With LED Display
    2. Channels: 48CH
    3. Frequency: 5.6GHz-5.9GHz
    4. Video Bandwidth: 8M
    5. Audio Bandwidth: 6.5M
    6. Antenna: RP-SMA-Female
    7. Covers A, B, C, D, H, L bands
    8. Compact and lightweight
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  • TS832 48Ch 5.8G 600mW Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter for FPV RC

    Product Code(SKU): 29428
     1,564.00 (inc GST)
    1. ransmitter 600mW/48CH >5km(open area).
    2. Frequency control: built-in frequency and phase lock loop.
    3. ANT connector: SMA(inside the needle).
    4. Supply Voltage: 7-24 V
    5. Current: 220 mA.
    6. 48 CH compatible with all FPV 5.8g receivers.
    7. Smaller size with lighter weight.
    8. 48 channels choice to get the best transmitting quality.
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  • TS835 FPV 5.8G 600MW 48CH (2-6S) Wireless AV Transmitter

    Product Code(SKU): 45594
     1,590.00 (inc GST)
    1. No. of Channels: 48CH
    2. Antenna Gain: 2db
    3. Frequency: 5.8G
    4. Video Format: NTSC / PAL Auto
    5. 48 CH compatible with all FPV 5.8g receivers.
    6. 5.8G 600mW 40 Channels AV wireless FPV transmitter
    7. Super small 200mA current for 600mW wireless transmitter power.
    8. 600mW transmitter power assure 5KM distance in open area,
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