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EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CCW (Original)

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  1. Framework: 12N14P
  2. Motor KV: 650KV
  3. LiPO Batteries: 4S-6S
  4. Max Thrust: 2870 gm
  5. Shaft: 5 mm
  6. Propeller:  13″-15″

 3,559.00 (inc GST)

In stock

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We at believe in supplying quality products to the makers who really are struggling hard to build something that is best in performance while assuring the long life of the design by using the branded components. This EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CCW (Original) is ready to stand up your needs!!!!

These EMAX Brushless DC Motor are imported from original Emax products manufacturers. The brand Emax is known for quality oriented product manufacturing in the market. Our team has selected some of the fine innovations from EMAX and tested them for their ability in labs before supplying to customers.

This EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CCW (Original) is specially designed for heavy lift applications while being highly efficient an reliable. MT3515 650KV BLDC motor can produce up to 2.8kg of thrust when perfectly synched with appropriate battery and propellers, so this one is more than sufficient for your heavy lift applications.

This EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CCW (Original) equips the high-quality bearings to ensure efficient and vibration free operation and silicone steel for high-performance operation with low temperature. These motors are specially meant for your Quadcopters or other types of Multirotors like Tri, Hexa etc.

The combination of 4S LiPO(Lithium Polymer) battery with this EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC motor and high-quality 1347 propeller as suggested by will give you an excellent flight characteristic.  It comes with a prop adapter to ease the propeller adjustment.

With qualities of durability in use and high-efficiency in performance supported by the high quality of the material, it is the perfect hit at your RC Model requirement. Its main feature includes its ability of transient response and higher stability.

The EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CCW (Original) provides appreciable thrust and efficiency at an affordable price.

Note: This motor is CCW motor, for CW motor click  below

EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CW (Original)


In this EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor Black” Cap represents CW  motor and “Silver” Cap represents CCW motor.

Features : 

  1. Longers duration of the flight, low CG design, lightweight design.
  2. Air suction system design, rapid cooling, higher efficiency and longer life.
  3. U clip prevents bearing from loosening.
  4. High precision CNC machining exquisite design, stern quality control revealing the user’s taste and position.
  5. Vibration free operation.
  6. Windings are made from copper of high purity.
  7. Powered by highest grade neodymium magnets.
  8. Generates less heat during operations.

Package includes :

1 x EMAX MT3515 650KV BLDC Motor CCW







Motor KV (RPM/V)


Maximum Thrust

2870 gm

LiPO Batteries


Shaft Diameter (mm)



13-15 inch

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Weight (gm)



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