Arduino Shield

  • 1602 LCD Board Keypad Shield Blue Backlight

    SKU: 12198

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 217.8 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to go through the menu, make selections etc.
    2. It consists of a 1602 white character blue backlight LCD.
    3. The keypad consists of 6 keys select, up, right, down, left and reset.
    4. To save the digital IO pins, the keypad interface only uses one ADC channel.
    5. The key value is read out through a 5 stage voltage divider.
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  • 3D Printer CNC Shield V4 Expansion Board For Arduino

    SKU: 43461

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 211.02 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Worked with Arduino nano.
    2. 3 axis stepper motor driver
    3. Compatible with micro-drive laser engraving machine, three-axis CNC engraving machine.
    4. 2A can be controlled within the two-phase four-wire stepper motor.
    5. Released the digital IO interface, easy to connect to other modules, such as ENDSTOP.
    6. Released the I2C interface, you can connect to the LCD I2C or another I2C module.
    7. Power DC5V interface, 7.5-12V voltage input.
    8. GRBL compatible.
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  • Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Sensor Shield V2.0

    SKU: 520541

    (inc GST)

    1. PCB finest Immersion Gold processing
    2. Plug it easier to set up a variety of commonly used module interface
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  • AT24C256 I2C Interface EEPROM Memory Module

    SKU: 397097

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 105.93 (+18% GST extra)

    It is an external EEPROM memory module which use I2C bus line to connect with Arduino, and with a pluggable chip, insert in this series, so it will easy to expand capacity, basically, just need to insert a bigger capacity of EEPROM chip.

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  • Breakout Board PS2 Connector

    SKU: 7441

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 168.64 (+18% GST extra)

    1. PS2 Connector breakout board
    2. Connectors pre-soldered
    3. Compatible with Lynxmotion PS2 V3 wireless controller
    4. Holes compatible with Arduino and Lynxmotion Electronics
    5. Dimensions: 45 x 22x 22 (L x W x H) mm
    6. Weight: 12gm
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  • CNC shield V3 for Engraving Machine 3D Printer A4988 DRV8825 driver expansion board

    SKU: 12202

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 161.02 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Latest Arduino CNC Shield Version 3.10
    2. GRBL 0.9 compatible. (Open source firmware that runs on an Arduino UNO that turns G-code commands into stepper signals)
    3. Coolant enable
    4. Jumpers to set the Micro-Stepping for the stepper drivers. (Some drivers like the DRV8825 can do up to 1/32 micro-stepping )
    5. Compact design.
    6. 4-Axis support (X, Y, Z, A-Can duplicate X, Y, Z or do a full 4th axis with custom firmware using pins D12 and D13)
    7. 2 x End stops for each axis (6 in total)
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  • CNC Three Axis Stepper Motor Drive Controller Motherboard compatible with Arduino

    SKU: 51543

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 838.98 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Model: LBA-B-V4.
    2. Axis: XYZ Three Axis.
    3. Power Supply: 12V.
    4. Dimension: 120 x 65 mm.
    5. Pitch size: 112 x 57 mm.
    6. Laser Power: 100mW to 5W.
    7. Stepper Motor Power: Max 2A.
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  • Colorduino LED RGB Dot Matrix Driver Board with 5mm 8*8 RGB LED for Arduino

    SKU: 330167

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 2287.29 (+18% GST extra)

    1. 8bits colors support with 6bits correction for each color in every dots
    2. Hardware 16MHz PWM support
    3. 24 constant current channels of 100mA each
    4. Current Consumption(Except LED matrix): 20mA typical (40mA maximum)
    5. Drive current(Every channel): 500mA
    6. Drive current(Every dot) : 58mA
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  • Cytron 10A Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Uno

    SKU: 497899

    (inc GST)

    1. Bidirectional control for two brushed DC motor.
    2. Control one unipolar/bipolar stepper motor.
    3. Buck regulator to produce 5V output (500mA max).
    4. Buttons for quick testing.
    5. LEDs for motor output state.
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  • Cytron 2Amp Motor Driver Shield

    SKU: 16014

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 702.54 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Logic control, 5V from Arduino main board
    2. Polarity protection for External motor power input
    3. 2 fast test buttons for each motor channel
    4. Motor Driven Voltage:6.5 to 12VDC(VIN Power Supply), 5.0 to 26VDC (External Power Source)
    5. Up to 2A current each channel
    6. Pin 4, 5,6,7 are used to drive two DC motor
    7. Support PWM speed control
    8. Support  advance speed control
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  • Cytron Easy MP3 Shield

    SKU: 7982

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1347.46 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Onboard high-quality MP3 decoder.
    2. Onboard dual channel/Stereo 3W differential audio amplifier for an external speaker.
    3. A MicroSD status LED.
    4. Onboard stereo 3.5mm audio jack socket for earphones.
    5. Onboard microSD socket for MP3 audio files storage.
    6. The interface from Arduino, UART, selectable to use soft serial.
    7. Stackable side headers.
    8. Supply voltage: 5V.
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  • Cytron ESP8266 WiFi Shield V2.0 W/ Micro SD Card Slot For Arduino Uno

    SKU: 43298

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 846.61 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Basically, Rev2.0 utilize WROOM-02 instead of ESP8266-12 as the WiFi module.
    2. Separate 3.3V voltage regulator for ESP8266-12 WROOM-02 module, 500mA max output.
    3. Each and every board is preassembled and tested before it is being shipped out to you.
    4. 802.11 b/g/n.
    5. Support Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), soft-AP.
    6. Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack.
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  • Cytron LCD keypad Shield High Quality

    SKU: 25582

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 524.58 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to go through the menu, make selections etc.
    2. It consists of a 1602 white character blue backlight LCD.
    3. The keypad consists of 6 keys select, up, right, down, left and reset.
    4. To save the digital IO pins, the keypad interface only uses one ADC channel.
    5. The key value is read out through a 5 stage voltage divider.
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  • Cytron XBee Shield

    SKU: 7981

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 577.12 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Mounts directly onto your Arduino
    2. DIN and DOUT pins of XBee can be connected to either the USB’s UART pins or another digital pin on the Arduino (D0, D1, D2, D3, D8, D9, D10, D11)
    3. 3.3V power regulation and proper level shifting on-board communication between 5V and 3.3V
    4. Extra 0.1″ spaced prototyping holes
    5. Reset button brought out to shield
    6. Power, DIN, DOUT, RSSI, and DIO5 indicator LEDs
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  • Data Logger module Logging Shield data Recorder Shield

    SKU: 12191

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 245.76 (+18% GST extra)

    1. SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards. 3.3v level shifter circuitry prevents damage to your SD card.
    2. Real-time clock (RTC) keeps the time going even when the Arduino is unplugged. The battery backup lasts for years.
    3. Included libraries and example code for both SD and RTC mean you can get going quickly Prototyping area for soldering connectors, circuitry or sensors.
    4. The onboard 3.3v regulator is both a reliable reference voltage and also reliably runs SD cards that require a lot of power to run.
    5. A dedicated and well-designed data logging shield for Arduino.
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  • ESP32 LoRa SX1278 0.96 Inch Blue OLED Display BT WiFi Module for Arduino

    SKU: 62386

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1686.44 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Supports Sniffer, Station, softAP and Wi-Fi Direct modes
    2. Data rate: 150 Mbps @ 11n HT40,72 Mbps @ 11n HT20,54 Mbps @ 11g, 11 Mbps @ 11b
    3. Transmit power: 19.5 dBm @ 11b, 16.5 dBm @ 11g, 15.5 dBm @ 11n
    4. Receiver sensitivity up to – 98 dBm
    5. UDP continues to throughput by 135 Mbps
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  • Ethernet W5100 Shield Network Expansion Board w/ Micro SD Card Slot for Arduino

    SKU: 12205

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 600 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Based on the W5100Based on the Wiznet W5100 allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet.
    2. Stackable Design, can directly be supported by for Arduino official Ethernet Library.
    3. Supports up to four simultaneous socket connections
    4. Can be used to store files for serving over the network.
    5. Can be accessed using the Mini SD TF library.
    6. IEEE802.3af compliant
    7. Low output ripple and noise (100mVpp)
    8. Overload and short-circuit protection
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  • HACK AF L293D Motor Driver/Servo Shield for Arduino Nano

    SKU: 143257

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 338.14 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Pin compatible with Adafruit Motor Shield
    2. Pin header to connect sensors and actuators.
    3. 4 H-Bridges L293D chipset.
    4. Surg Current Protection for IC L293D.
    5. Onboard On/Off Switch.
    6. Drive  4 bi-directional DC motors
    7. Drive 2 Servo motors (unipolar or bipolar)
    8. On-board slot to connect HC-05/HC-06 Bluetooth modules for Wireless control via Smartphone
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  • HACK-NANO Development PCB Board for Arduino Nano

    SKU: 143263

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 465.25 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Input Voltage range: 5 to 12 VDC
    2. Onboard LDR
    3. Onboard Reset/Flash Button
    4. Two Button to generate the Interrupt.
    5. Onboard 5v and 3.3V Output Pins to power up the External Modules
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  • JoyStick Shield Module Robotics Control

    SKU: 31190

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 310.17 (+18% GST extra)

    1. 2-Axis joystick
    2. Bluetooth / Serial interface
    3. I2C interface
    4. nRF24L01 interface
    5. Nokia 5110 LCD interface
    6. Interface connector
    7. Power switch to switch between 3.3 and 5V
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  • L293D Motor Driver/Servo Shield for Arduino

    SKU: 9736

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 151.69 (+18% GST extra)

    1. 2 connections for 5V ‘hobby’ servos connected to the Arduino’s high-resolution dedicated timer
    2. 4 H-Bridges: L293D chipset provides 0.6A per bridge (1.2A peak) with thermal shutdown protection, internal kickback protection diodes.
    3. Can run motors on 4.5VDC to 25VDC.
    4. Up to 4 bi-directional DC motors with individual 8-bit speed selection (so, about 0.5% resolution)
    5. Up to 2 stepper motors (unipolar or bipolar) with single coil, double coil or interleaved stepping.
    6. Pull down resistors keep motors disabled during power-up
    7. Big terminal block connectors to easily hook up wires (18-26AWG) and power
    8. 2-pin terminal block and jumper to connect external power, for separate logic/motor supplies
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  • LoRa Shield for Arduino V95

    SKU: 127766

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 2117.8 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Compatible with 3.3v or 5v I/O Arduino Board.
    2. Frequency Band: 915MHz/868 MHZ/433 MHZ (Pre-configure in a factory)
    3. Low power consumption
    4. Compatible with Arduino Leonardo, Uno, Mega, DUE
    5. External Antenna via I-Pex connector
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  • Mega +WiFi R3 Atmega2560+NodeMCU ESP8266 32Mb Memory USB-TTL CH340G Compatible For Arduino Mega

    SKU: 110695

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1151.69 (+18% GST extra)

    It is a customized version of the classic ARDUINO MEGA R3 board. Full integration of Atmel ATmega2560 microcontroller and ESP8266 Wi-Fi IC, with 32 Mb (megabits) of flash memory, and CH340G USB-TTL converter on a single board! All components can be set up to work together or independently.

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  • Mini Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board L293D Module for Arduino UNO MEGA 2560

    SKU: 130220

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 109.32 (+18% GST extra)

    1. New L293D motor shield, the input voltage DC4.5-25V
    2. 600mA output current capability per channel
    3. 1.2A peak output current(non-repetitive) per channel
    4. Enable facility
    5. Overtemperature protection
    6. Logical “0” input voltage up to 1.5V(High noise immunity)
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  • Multifunction Shield For Arduino Uno / Leonardo

    SKU: 28516

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 245.76 (+18% GST extra)

    1. 10K adjustable precision potentiometer
    2. 3 x Independent push buttons
    3. Piezo buzzer
    4. DS18B20 temperature sensor interface
    5. LM35 temperature sensor interface
    6. Infrared receiver interface
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  • Nano 328P Expansion Adapter Breakout Board IO Shield

    SKU: 28429

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 126.27 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Compatible with Arduino NANO
    2. All digital and analog pins breakout
    3. Compact size;
    4. External power supply current support
    5. Leads all pins out, convenient for wiring and doing experiments.
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  • Nano IO Expansion Shield for Arduino NANO 328P

    SKU: 28525

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 245.76 (+18% GST extra)

    1. All digital and analog pins breakout
    2. XBee and nRF24L01+ module interface
    3. External power supply current support
    4. Compatible pin map for electronic brick
    5. Output Voltage-3.3V
    6. 7-12V external power supply.
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  • NANO IO Shield Expansion Board For Arduino Screw Terminals

    SKU: 28522

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 211.02 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Compatible with Arduino NANO
    2. All digital and analog pins breakout
    3. Compact size.
    4. Leads all pins out, convenient for wiring and doing experiments.
    5. Dimensions: 53 x 36 x 12 (LxWxH) mm.
    6. Weight: 22 gm.
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  • Play Station(PS) Female Connector For Play Station 2

    SKU: 7708

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 132.2 (+18% GST extra)

    The board comes nice and well-finished outline with a very decent black color body. The PS Connector (Female) features 90° headers which can be soldered properly to the board.

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  • Pro Micro 5V 16M Mini Leonardo Micro-controller Development Board For Arduino

    SKU: 110787

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 405.93 (+18% GST extra)

    1. ATMEGA32U4 running in 5V / 16MHz
    2. Support Arduino IDE V1.0.1
    3. Micro USB interface programming on the board
    4. Four 10-bit ADC pin
    5. 12 digital I / O (5 PWM capability)
    6. Rx and Tx hardware serial connection
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  • Proto Screw Shield Assembled

    SKU: 31244

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 330.51 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Arduino terminal to provide the IO, port connection.
    2. 3.81 posts quality, reliable, convenient, durable.
    3. Combined with the Proto Shield, the middle can be used as a prototype expansion board.
    4. Double-sided PCB Prototyping extended area vias connecting the front sides can be welded components.
    5. The middle section can be placed small bread plate, convenient test extend
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  • Prototype Shield V3.0 For Arduino Mega with breadboard

    SKU: 28262

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 265.25 (+18% GST extra)

    1. The shield can support being fully assembled with Arduino MEGA
    2. Support soldering components directly on this shield
    3. Support sticking the mini breadboards on this shield
    4. Reset button up top
    5. Mainboard aureate quadrate
    6. With SOP28 SMT components encapsulation
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  • PS2 Controller Starter Kit

    SKU: 7438

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1400.85 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Stable 5V powered, low current consumption, less than 150mA.
    2. 1 standard PS2 controller socket.
    3. Communicate with host microcontroller through 5V TTL UART.
    4. Simple inquiry command and button status feedback for the host process.
    5. Vibrator motor is controllable.
    6. Wired or wireless PS2 controller is fully compatible.
    7. A small LED as the indicator for communication between SKPS and PS2 controller.
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  • Screw Shields V2 Terminal Expansion Board

    SKU: 31240

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 265.25 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Dimensions : 66 x 19 x 16 (LxWxH) mm.
    2. Weight: 28 gm.
    3. I/O Screw terminals.
    4. Directly plug-able.
    5. Arduino Compatible.
    6. Compatible with Arduino UNO R3, Arduino UNO
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  • Sensor Shield V5 Expansion Board For Arduino

    SKU: 26598

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 168.64 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Retain the merits of the V4.0 version
    2. Laminated design
    3. PCB immersion gold processing technology
    4. IIC interface
    5. Bluetooth module communication interface
    6. SD card module communication interface
    7. APC220 wireless rf modules communication interface
    8. RB URF v1.1 ultrasonic sensors interface
    9. 12864 LCD string of line and parallel interface
    10. 32 servo controller interface
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  • Servo Driver Module Shield 16 Channel

    SKU: 31371

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 466.1 (+18% GST extra)

    1. The I2C input, PWM output control 16 roads, steering gear can 16 roads.
    2. The steering gear power independent V + input maximum 6 V.
    3. Logic signals and logical power independent output for 3V to 5 V.
    4. 40-1000 Hz frequency.
    5. Terminal block for power input.
    6. Reverse polarity protection on the terminal block input
    7. Green power-good LED
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  • SmartElex GPS Data Logger Shield for Arduino

    SKU: 139462

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1432.2 (+18% GST extra)

    1. The multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS.
    2. Embedded patch antenna.
    3. Automatic antenna switching function.
    4. High sensitivity: -167dBm @Tracking, -149dBm @Acquisition
    5. 99 acquisition channels, 33 tracking channels
    6. Balloon mode, for high altitude up to 80km
    8. Great anti-jamming performance due to multi-tone active interference canceller
    9. Support SDK command developed by Quectel
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  • SmartElex PS2 Sheild for Arduino

    SKU: 217461

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 500 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Simple to use UART protocol
    2. Vibrator motor on PS2 is controllable.
    3. Wired and Wireless PS2 controller is supported.
    4. PS2 Controller will automatically operate in analog mode. (Default)
    5. A status LED
    6. Jumper selector to select different UART Baud Rate (74880 (Default), 9600, 57600, 115200). Default: – when no jumper is attached.
    7. Jumper selectors to select different digital pin as UART – TX and RX pin.
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  • SPI to Ethernet Hardware TCP/IP W5500 Ethernet Network Module

    SKU: 221377

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 414.41 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Chip type: W5500
    2. Supports both 3.3V & 5V.
    3. Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE
    4. 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet PHY embedded
    5. Supports automatic response (full duplex/half duplex mode)
    6. Supports 8 independent sockets simultaneously
    7. Internal 32Kbytes Memory for Tx/Rx Buffers
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  • UNO Proto Shield prototype expansion board with SYB-170 mini breadboard

    SKU: 28256

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 164.41 (+18% GST extra)

    1. It has a nice standard 0.1″x0.1″ prototyping grid with big pads
    2. Comes with Stacking headers and plain header, choose whichever you want when soldering together
    3. An IC pattern for adding DIP ICs up to 20 pins
    4. Power rails down the middle and sides
    5. A reset button and an extra general use button
    6. Two 3mm general use LEDs, red and green, as well as 2 matching resistors
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  • Uno+WiFi R3 AtMega328p+NodeMSU ESP8266 32mb Memory USB-TTL CH340G Compatible for Arduino UNO

    SKU: 110750

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 753.39 (+18% GST extra)

    It is a modernized version of the classic Arduino UNO R3 board. Full integration of a microcontroller ATmega328 and a Wi-Fi chip ESP8266 with 32 MB memory on one board. All modules can work together or individually. Each of the microcontrollers has led for connecting peripheral sensors and modules. A convenient solution for developing new projects that require Wi-Fi.

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  • XBee Shield V03 Module Wireless Control

    SKU: 12197

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 296.61 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Stackable design, easy to plug into the ARDUINO development board;
    2. Coupled with the Arduino Bluetooth Bee Bluetooth module, and other Bluetooth devices can communicate Wirelessly;
    3. Coupled with the XBee module, you can achieve two or more sets of communication between Arduino or Arduino and PC Communications.
    4. 3.3v and 5v dual power output
    5. 3.3v and 5v IO compatible
    6. USB2.0 protocol
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  • XD-216 Screw shield Screw Shield V1 Expansion Board

    SKU: 31175

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 377.97 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Size: 29 x 71 mm
    2. Combines the function of Arduino Screw Shield and Sensor Shield.
    3. Expand all of IO interfaces from Arduino.
    4. 3-Pin male headers for easy sensor/servo connection.
    5. The Screw terminal can be screwed directly to the terminal on the thread and is reliable and convenient.
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  • Yun Shield V2.4

    SKU: 127767

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 2910.17 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Open source Linux (OpenWrt) inside
    2. Low power consumption
    3. Support Passive PoE Injector.
    4. Managed by Web GUI, SSH via LAN or WiFi
    5. Software upgradeable via network
    6. Built-in web server
    7. Support internet connection via LAN port, WiFi or 3G dongle.
    8. Support USB flash to provide storage for Arduino projects.
    9. Failsafe design provides a robust system.
    10. Compatible with Arduino Leonardo, Uno, Duemilanove, Diecimila, Mega, Due, Teensy,
    11. Compatible with Arduino IDE
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    SKU: 6320

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 2240.18 (+12% GST extra)

    1. Stackable connectors – up to 6 channels can be stacked and wired to A0-A6 analogue inputs
    2. Calibration signal generation by D4/D9 digital output
    3. Precise trimmer potentiometer for calibration (all boards are shipped completely assembled, tested and calibrated so that you don’t have to do this unless you want to see how things works)
    4. Input connector for standard or active electrodes
    5. Works with both 3.3V and 5V Arduino boards
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  • Cytron G15 Shield

    SKU: 6265

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 755.93 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Arduino reset button
    2. 4 x G15 Cube Servo ports.
    3. External power port for a servo with polarity protection
    4. Stackable I/O header pin
    5. Selectable digital pins for the control pin with mini jumpers
    6. TX and RX indicator LEDs to show communication activities, only on Rev2.0.
    7. Selectable Serial pins, Either hardware serial or software serial via mini jumpers, only on Rev2.0
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  • 10A Motor Driver Shield – MD10

    SKU: 3408

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1325.42 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Bi-directional control of 1 brushed DC motor.
    2. Support motor voltage ranges from 7V to 25V, .
    3. Maximum current up to 10A continuous and 15A peak (10 seconds).
    4. Solid state components provide faster response time and eliminate the wear and tear of a mechanical relay.
    5. Fully NMOS H-Bridge for better efficiency and no heat sink is required.
    6. Speed control PWM frequency up to 10KHz.
    7. Selectable digital pins for PWM and DIR.
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  • ADK USB Host Shield compatible with Arduino

    SKU: 3366

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 838.98 (+18% GST extra)

    1. Works with standard (dual 5/3.3V) and 3.3V-only (for example, Pro Arduino) boards.
    2. Complies with USB Specification Revision 2.0 (Full-Speed 12Mbps Peripheral, Full-/Low-Speed 12Mbps/1.5Mbps Host)
    3. Supports HID devices, such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc.
    4. Compatible with Mass storage devices, such as USB sticks, memory card readers, external hard drives (FAT32 Type File System – Mega Arduino only).
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  • Cytron Arduino PS2 Shield

    SKU: 2506

    (inc GST)

    ₹ 1143.22 (+18% GST extra)

    1. 5V powered low current consumption.
    2. Simple to use UART protocol
    3. Vibrator motor on PS2 is controllable.
    4. Wired and Wireless PS2 controller is supported.
    5. PS2 Controller will automatically operate in analog mode.
    6. A status LED
    7. Jumper selector to select different UART Baud Rate (9600, 57600, 115200).
    8. Jumper selectors to select different digital pin as UART TX and RX pin.
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