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Hello geeks, in this blog, we will se, How to setup Naze 32 flight controller. Also, we will learn about the comparision of different versions of Naze 32 flight controller. What is Naze 32 Flight controller? The Naze 32 is a small (36x36mm) flight c
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This guide takes you through the SP racing F3 flight controller setup in the cleanflight, step-by-step. We will cover everything from installing the cleanflight GUI software to setting up flight modes for your quadcopter. Don’t worry, the configur
Flight Controller
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     Multi-rotors today have found a great application in many fields like photography, surveillance, transport, remote sensing, rescue-and-relief and also in entertainment purposes like racing. All Multi-rotors have four segments, the airframe (m
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Nowadays, making RC drone & flying them is a very interesting thing. Many people of different ages are involved in the making of drones.The important thing of any drone is its flight time in Air, which is totally governed by the battery we are
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This article demonstrates the interfacing of the UBlox NEO-M8N global positioning system (GPS) module with Arduino Uno and Raspberry pi.It is a very popular, cost-effective, high-performance GPS module. This GPS module comes with a ceramic patch
ESC calibration protocol
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  What is ESC? The ESC (Electronic speed controller) is an electronic circuit that controls and regulates the speed of BLDC (Brushless DC) motor; it provides reversing and breaking of the motor. Basically, it is the speed controller for a BLDC motor
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In this tutorial, we will be looking on final connections to be made to make your quadcopter flying ready. Step 1 - Solder the Input Power Cable and ESC's power cable-First of all start by soldering the esc's and the battery connect
Connecting ESC to drone motors
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Firstly we will be Connecting motors to ESC's and will then Calibrate -Connecting Motors to ESC - As we know, in quadcopter, 2 motors rotate in CW direction and 2 motors rotate in CCW direction. Refer the image below to connect ESC to Motor.
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In this tutorial, we will be using -APM 2.8 flight controller - see here FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH PPM RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver - see here Q450 Quadcopter Frame – PCB Version Frame Kit with Integrated PCB - see here 2212 920KV Bru