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Hello people, today we are going to see about the PIC microcontroller, what is it, and why we do use it. PIC is a microcontroller, before going to the introduction to PIC we will see a basic definition of a microcontroller. What is a Microcontrol
pull up pull down resistors
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Hello again! and welcome back to another informative article on a concept which is used widely in connecting many sensors. If you check out any digital electronic circuit, you’ll find pull-up and pull-down resistors in them. They are used to corr
introduction to the buck-boost converter
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Hello guys, Today in this session we are going to see the introduction of the Buck-boost converter. Buck-boost converters are a form of switching-mode power supply. It can supply a regulated DC output from a source voltage either above or below the
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In today’s date, every system is becoming smart like, smart home, smart city, smart classroom and smart irrigation system much smarter system, In this session, we are going to look the key element of a smart garden or smart irrigation system, So S