Introducing Arduino Uno R4 Minima And Arduino Uno R4 WIFI: Empowering Makers, Revolutionizing Possibilities!
By:     Priyanka Dixit    512 Views

  We are delighted to be introducing the latest Arduino marvels: the newly released Arduino R4 Minima and Arduino Uno R4 WIFI, the upgraded versions of Arduino Uno R3. This... Read More

ESP32 temperature sensor tutorial: How to Stream real-time data to ThingSpeak
By:     Prachet Hire    1117 Views

This is a simple IoT project that will send the temperature data from ESP-32 to thingspeak server. This will enable us to view the room temperature data from anywhere in... Read More

Programming ESP boards with Arduino IDE made easy – beginner’s guide
By:     Prachet Hire    631 Views

ESP modules are very popular among IoT project developers. There are different types of esp modules available in the market depending on the features. They are ESP-01, ESP-12E, ESP-12F, NodeMCU... Read More

What is Jetson Nano?
By:     Sneha Chaware    1239 Views

This blog will see the basics of the Jetson Nano, its onboard specification, advantages, disadvantages, and application. Then, we will cover the different areas of application where this board can be ... Read More

Raspberry Pi rolling out the RP2040
By:     Apurva Singh    830 Views

RP2040- a controller that is made to beat. It is so good that many companies adapted this controller already on their boards, and now it is up for sale for consumers.... Read More

Traffic Light Controller Using Arduino
By:     Vaishnavee Upasani    2823 Views

This project is a simple three-way version of the traffic light controller using Arduino and very few components. It has a circuit diagram and the code for the traffic controller system. ... Read More

By:     Sneha Chaware    1321 Views

In this blog we are going to see the introduction of PIC microcontroller, what are its application and why it is so much popular in wide areas of Embedded system.... Read More

Microbit V2 : Similar Yet Different
By:     Apurva Singh    1403 Views

The blog covers what's new in micro:bit V2, features, refinements, with respect to the micro:bit V1.... Read More

What is the difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller
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The blog covers some the differences between a Microprocessor and a Microcontroller.... Read More