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The first STM32 MCU supported Arm Cortex-M33 core was the ultra-low-power STM32L5 microcontroller, and therefore the company is now following with the STM32U5 series also designed for smart applications including personal medical devices, home au
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Arduino has released their MKR IoT Carrier Sensor Board as a separate board. The board that was originally a part of their starter kit (the Oplá IoT Kit) is now available as a standalone board. The move comes as a response to the requests made by t
Navigation Robot
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Two students who graduated from VR Siddartha Engineering College in Kanuru, India, have created a virtual telepresence robot that permits users to ascertain what's happening during a remote location as if they were
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ROHM Semiconductor, as of late declared that Embedded Artists is utilizing their highly incorporated PMIC, the BD71847AMWV alongside i.MX 8M Nano from NXP on the new iMX8M Nano uCOM board to convey a robust and practical answer for modern applicatio
Olimex ESP32-S2
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A year ago, Olimex presented ESP32-S2-DevKit-LiPo and ESP32-S2-WROVER-Devkit-LiPo boards upgraded for battery-fueled applications with just 30uA deep sleep power utilization. ESP32-S2 processor accompanies a USB OTG interface, however at that point
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The new MCP6C02 and MCP6C04 high-side current sense amplifiers by Microchip Technology offer a low offset for the AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified devices, thus empowering more exact and energy-efficient current estimation for high-temperature automotive
Pico ArduCAM
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The Raspberry Pi Pico took the microcontroller community by storm when it was launched last month. This is the board that just keeps on giving. As is the case with any new platform, there is race to see what all can work with the tiny SBC. The lates
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"Powerpaste", a new energy source developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM which is in Dresden, Germany. With looks similar to that of a putty, is in fact an energy cream that binds the gaseous h
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Intech Additive Solutions Pvt Ltd. (Intech) based in Bengaluru is, per its website, one of the primary metal 3D printing service providers in India; an OEM that successfully develops and manufactures laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) metal 3D