Robu has Launched Instant Quotation Laser Cutting Service
By: Prathamesh Barik 1520 Views

We believe in the ideas of our makers, and hence moving ahead with our tagline YOUR IDEAS-OUR PARTS we have added Laser Cutting to our service line-up to support customer ideas at an economical price.... Read More Has Launched 3D Printing Service, Instant Quotation & Multicolor Printing
By: Rakesh Kurhade 1081 Views

3D printing has become a part one of those premier technologies which are the synonyms for prototyping of all kinds of designs at an affordable price. ... Read More

STM32U5 Cortex-M33 MCU Gets More Performance, Advanced Security
By: Vedant Satarkar 1664 Views

STM32U5 MCUs also integrate additional hardware security measures, and are manufactured employing a 40nm process.... Read More

Arduino Releases MKR IoT Carrier Sensor Board
By: Vedant Satarkar 1543 Views

The move comes as a response to the requests made by the Arduino community.... Read More

Two Indian Students Build Robot For Virtual Navigation Of Remote Environments
By: Vedant Satarkar 1670 Views

These robots might be used to monitor secluded or dangerous places like during an earthquake or other natural disasters from a safe distance.... Read More

NXP iMX8M Nano Uses Ultra-Low IQ PMIC in Industrial Control Boards
By: Vedant Satarkar 1282 Views

The high performance board is designed by Embedded Artists for industrial and consumer applications.... Read More

Olimex Launches First Open ESP32-S2 Board with Full USB OTG
By: Vedant Satarkar 1693 Views

The new design offers lithium-polymer battery charging, full USB host and device operation, and direct programming over USB.... Read More

Microchip’s Automotive Grade High-Side Current Sensor Launched
By: Vedant Satarkar 874 Views

These high-voltage current sense amplifiers have a wide input common mode range providing the necessary adaptability to address an assortment of voltage rails, including overhead for drifters... Read More

Arducam Support for Raspberry Pi Pico
By: Vedant Satarkar 1890 Views

The tiny Raspberry Pi SBC is interfaced with the popular Mini 2MP Arducam Camera Module.... Read More

Hydrogen Cream: A New Source of Energy for EVs
By: Vedant Satarkar 1491 Views

"Powerpaste" is the newest energy source for EVs. Easy to use and transport, it has the energy density much more than that of a Battery or Petrol.... Read More

Intech iFusion LF Series Metal 3D Printer Launched
By: Vedant Satarkar 1086 Views

The iFusion LF Series Metal 3D Printer is ideal for making prototypes of new industrial parts.... Read More

New LoRa Shield Now Compatible with Arduino Portenta H7
By: Vedant Satarkar 1014 Views

The LoRa shield and the ethernet shield for Arduino Portenta H7 will make it a powerful controller for IoT applications.... Read More

Skin-Friendly, Printable Displays Gets Eco-Friendly Biodegradable ISO Certification
By: Vedant Satarkar 1145 Views

The skin-friendly, flexible, printable display is ideal for measuring vital stats of human body. And being biodegradable, it does not cause any bodily and environmental harm.... Read More

Printrbot Brings A New Affordable 3D Printer Plybot
By: Vedant Satarkar 974 Views

The revolutionary design with two arms for X and Y axes, the prints will be more precise and crisp than ever.... Read More

Raspberry Pi RP2040 Core on Arduino, Adafruit Boards Among Others
By: Vedant Satarkar 1255 Views

Arduino, Adafruit, Pimoroni, Sparkfun all have new boards that have the same silicon chip that is on the Raspberry Pi Pico.... Read More

A New 2” Mini Raspberry Pi Pico Launched
By: Vedant Satarkar 1225 Views

The Raspberry Pi Pico has the form factor of a Raspberry Pi Zero, but the functionality is much larger than that of the Raspberry Pi Zero.... Read More

ESP32-S3 Dual-Core SOC Adds AI Features For AIoT Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 4045 Views

The new Espressif ESP32-S3 dual core system-on-chip (SOC) now has applications in AIot.... Read More

BeagleV Powerful, Open-Hardware RISC-V Linux SBC Targets AI Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 1597 Views

The board is designed by StarFive, SeeedStudio and BeagleBone together.... Read More

MKR SharkyPro BLE, Zigbee, OpenThread Development Board in Arduino MKR Form Factor
By: Vedant Satarkar 1138 Views

The board pinout is compatible with Arduino MKR board and can be programmed with Arduino IDE thanks to the STM32Duino project.... Read More

Sony’s Airpeak Drone Unveiled To Public At CES’21
By: Vedant Satarkar 839 Views

The drone is designed to carry Sony’s own Alpha series of mirrorless camera for high quality, full frame aerial photography and video.... Read More

Renesas Unveils First-ever 60W Wireless Power Receiver
By: Vedant Satarkar 697 Views

The world’s first 60W wireless power receiver, delivers faster wireless charging experiences for smartphones, laptops, and notebook devices... Read More

STM32WB5MMG Wireless Module Simplifies Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, OpenThread Connectivity
By: Vedant Satarkar 1136 Views

The STM32WB5MMG (STM32) is a wireless microcontroller module by STMicroelectronics. It is a compact ultra-low-power module that allows customers to design 2-layer PCBs and integrates everything up to ... Read More

Sipeed MAIX-II Dock: An Allwinner V831 Powered AIoT Vision Devkit
By: Vedant Satarkar 768 Views

The MAIX-II Dock has a even higher resolution and fps than MAIX-I ... Read More

Adafruit Voice Bonnet For DIY Raspberry Pi Smart Speakers
By: Vedant Satarkar 1070 Views

Meant to be easy to use, as no assembly is required. It can be simply popped in with the Raspberry Pi.... Read More

IoT Development Board Comes with AVR or PIC MCU, WiFi Module
By: Vedant Satarkar 884 Views

The development board combines the ATmega4808 MCU 8-bit AVR MCU running at up to 20 MHz and offers a wide range of flash sizes up to 48 KB... Read More

Nuvoton M031BT Microcontrollers Features BLE5.0 and 2.4GHz RF Communication
By: Vedant Satarkar 795 Views

The board features a dual mode BLE5.0 and a Proprietary RF communication.... Read More

AMS AS6221: Accurate Digital Temperature Sensor for Wearable Devices
By: Vedant Satarkar 863 Views

Compact and low-powered, the sensor is well suited to battery-powered portable and wearable devices, such as premium lifestyle or fitness monitoring wristbands, and smart watches.... Read More

Fast Signal Conditioning, Current Sensing with Precision Op-Amp
By: Vedant Satarkar 607 Views

The device’s efficient processing of the photodetector output signal allows it to save energy for features such as wireless networking.... Read More

Himax WE-I Plus EVB AI Development Board Supports TFLite For Microcontrollers
By: Vedant Satarkar 936 Views

The low power consumption technology of the development board reduces the current requirements thus eliminating the heat factor.... Read More

SeeedStudio Introduces GPIO Screw Terminal HAT for Raspberry Pi
By: Vedant Satarkar 916 Views

The screw terminal HAT for Raspberry Pi works with all Raspberry Pi models.... Read More

NXP Launches New-Generation Airfast RF Multi-Chip Modules
By: Vedant Satarkar 632 Views

Focus is on accelerating the coverage of 5G, with higher output power, extended frequency coverage, and higher efficiency.... Read More

Programmable BLE with Ultra-Low-Power SoC
By: Vedant Satarkar 762 Views

Designed specifically to increase communication range, raise throughput, strengthen security, and save power.... Read More

Hall Effect Switches Have Self-Diagnostics Capability
By: Vedant Satarkar 702 Views

The ICs are for use in automotive proximity- and position-sensing applications, including seatbelt buckle, power window,... Read More

STM32WB Feather Board Features STM32WB55 Bluetooth 5.0 SoC
By: Vedant Satarkar 1611 Views

A Feather-compatible board with the wireless MCU, and Bluetooth 5.0... Read More

STMicroelectronics STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 BLDC Motor Driver For Battery-Powered Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 888 Views

Designed for low voltage power tools driven by 3-phase brushless motors, supplied by 2S to 6S Lipo batteries.... Read More

TDK Releases High-Performance, Closed-Loop MEMS Accelerometer
By: Vedant Satarkar 605 Views

Exhibits higher-performance levels than any current commercially available MEMS sensors, while delivering an 80% gain in temperature stability.... Read More

EspressIf Announces Two New ESP32-S2 MINI Modules
By: Vedant Satarkar 1578 Views

Ideal choice for a wide variety of application scenarios relating to the Internet of Things, wearable electronics, and smart homes.... Read More

ATMEGA3208 Powered Development Board For Embedded Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 893 Views

The chips have three sleep modes, including idle, standby, and power down.... Read More

Infineon Adds Compact EiceDRIVER to its Isolated Gate Drivers Family
By: Vedant Satarkar 574 Views

Designed for markets that demand easy-to-use drivers with a small footprint for quick design-ins.... Read More

Renesas Launches Industry’s First IP67 Waterproof Sensor For High-Humidity Environments
By: Vedant Satarkar 577 Views

An ideal solution for IAQ devices, including smart HVAC systems, ventilator fans, bathroom lights and switches, and wearables operating in a wide range of environments.... Read More

Avnet AVT9152 Module For Rapid IoT Product Development
By: Vedant Satarkar 831 Views

Offering a high degree of flexibility and scalability for IoT product development while shortening the time to market.... Read More

Raspberry Pi Introduces 4 IQaudio Audio Add-ons
By: Vedant Satarkar 1076 Views

With the addition of 4 audio add-ons, the possibilities are endless.... Read More

STMicroelectronics Pairs With Microsoft for Smart Appliance Controllers’ Development
By: Vedant Satarkar 562 Views

Customers can leverage the rich services of Azure RTOS, which meet the needs of tiny, smart, connected devices... Read More

Jetson Mate Cluster Box for 4 Jetson Nano/Xavier NX Modules
By: Vedant Satarkar 1107 Views

Jetson Mate “cooling kit” can be used as a GPU server, Homelab, and GPU cluster.... Read More

Arm Cortex Based RA4M3 MCU for Low-Power, Secure IoT Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 688 Views

Applications include security, metering, industrial and HVAC systems.... Read More

Take Your IoT Projects To A New Level With M5 Paper – A Touch-Enabled e-Ink Device
By: Vedant Satarkar 2355 Views

For development ecosystems that require a display, communication and low power capabilities, without compromising on features.... Read More

u-blox Pens A Deal For Cutting Edge Navigation Technology
By: Vedant Satarkar 579 Views

The collaboration enhances positioning performance and security for applications such as smart cities, location-secure IoT and health and fitness wearables.... Read More

A New 3-Phase, Half-Bridge, Driver IC Optimised For Low-Voltage Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 975 Views

Delivering a space-efficient and power-saving solution to control three-phase brushless motors in e-bikes, power tools, pumps and more.... Read More

Melexis Simplifies Automotive Mechatronic Applications With an All-in-one LIN Motor Driver IC
By: Vedant Satarkar 757 Views

Delivering high levels of robustness and function density, to create true single-chip solutions.... Read More

The Latest Raspberry Pi OS Update Improves Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams Experience
By: Vedant Satarkar 1031 Views

Significant improvements are made to the operating system for handling audio from multiple sources.... Read More