STM32U5 Cortex-M33 MCU Gets More Performance, Advanced Security
By: Vedant Satarkar 542 Views

STM32U5 MCUs also integrate additional hardware security measures, and are manufactured employing a 40nm process.... Read More

Arduino Releases MKR IoT Carrier Sensor Board
By: Vedant Satarkar 519 Views

The move comes as a response to the requests made by the Arduino community.... Read More

Two Indian Students Build Robot For Virtual Navigation Of Remote Environments
By: Vedant Satarkar 745 Views

These robots might be used to monitor secluded or dangerous places like during an earthquake or other natural disasters from a safe distance.... Read More

NXP iMX8M Nano Uses Ultra-Low IQ PMIC in Industrial Control Boards
By: Vedant Satarkar 504 Views

The high performance board is designed by Embedded Artists for industrial and consumer applications.... Read More

Olimex Launches First Open ESP32-S2 Board with Full USB OTG
By: Vedant Satarkar 519 Views

The new design offers lithium-polymer battery charging, full USB host and device operation, and direct programming over USB.... Read More

Microchip’s Automotive Grade High-Side Current Sensor Launched
By: Vedant Satarkar 372 Views

These high-voltage current sense amplifiers have a wide input common mode range providing the necessary adaptability to address an assortment of voltage rails, including overhead for drifters... Read More

Arducam Support for Raspberry Pi Pico
By: Vedant Satarkar 481 Views

The tiny Raspberry Pi SBC is interfaced with the popular Mini 2MP Arducam Camera Module.... Read More

Hydrogen Cream: A New Source of Energy for EVs
By: Vedant Satarkar 558 Views

"Powerpaste" is the newest energy source for EVs. Easy to use and transport, it has the energy density much more than that of a Battery or Petrol.... Read More

Intech iFusion LF Series Metal 3D Printer Launched
By: Vedant Satarkar 358 Views

The iFusion LF Series Metal 3D Printer is ideal for making prototypes of new industrial parts.... Read More

New LoRa Shield Now Compatible with Arduino Portenta H7
By: Vedant Satarkar 355 Views

The LoRa shield and the ethernet shield for Arduino Portenta H7 will make it a powerful controller for IoT applications.... Read More

Skin-Friendly, Printable Displays Gets Eco-Friendly Biodegradable ISO Certification
By: Vedant Satarkar 523 Views

The skin-friendly, flexible, printable display is ideal for measuring vital stats of human body. And being biodegradable, it does not cause any bodily and environmental harm.... Read More

Printrbot Brings A New Affordable 3D Printer Plybot
By: Vedant Satarkar 327 Views

The revolutionary design with two arms for X and Y axes, the prints will be more precise and crisp than ever.... Read More

Raspberry Pi RP2040 Core on Arduino, Adafruit Boards Among Others
By: Vedant Satarkar 448 Views

Arduino, Adafruit, Pimoroni, Sparkfun all have new boards that have the same silicon chip that is on the Raspberry Pi Pico.... Read More

A New 2” Mini Raspberry Pi Pico Launched
By: Vedant Satarkar 409 Views

The Raspberry Pi Pico has the form factor of a Raspberry Pi Zero, but the functionality is much larger than that of the Raspberry Pi Zero.... Read More

ESP32-S3 Dual-Core SOC Adds AI Features For AIoT Applications
By: Vedant Satarkar 1115 Views

The new Espressif ESP32-S3 dual core system-on-chip (SOC) now has applications in AIot.... Read More