Orange ESP-32 Cam IoT Kit
By:     Vishal Shinde    27 Views

Hello there, and welcome back! In this blog, we will discuss the Orange ESP32 Cam Starter kit. This kit is only available at In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use the ESP32-CAM developme... Read More

Orange Arduino Pro Mini Starter Kit
By:     Vishal Shinde    21 Views

Hello there, and welcome back. In this blog, we will discuss the orange Arduino Pro Mini Kit. In this kit, we will discuss how to use the Arduino Pro Mini as well as how to connect the LED, LDR, Switc... Read More

The New Generation of Arduino Nano with RP2040
By:     Apurva Singh    529 Views

All New Arduino Nano, out with the RP2040 Chip. Focuses on Cloud applications.... Read More

Traffic Light Controller Using Arduino
By:     Vaishnavee Upasani    884 Views

This project is a simple three-way version of the traffic light controller using Arduino and very few components. It has a circuit diagram and the code for the traffic controller system. ... Read More

Raspberry Pi Pico vs Arduino which to choose?
By:     Devanshu Agarwaal    1626 Views

In this article, we will compare Raspberry Pi Pico and Arduino Uno, the two best powerful and cheap microcontrollers all around the world.... Read More

Water Level Indicator: Interfacing With Arduino – Connection and Code
By:     Vaishnavee Upasani    950 Views

The water level indicator with Arduino is a mini water management system. Here, you will get step by step guide of how to build this water level indicator. By using this project you will get an exact ... Read More

7-Segment Display – Introduction, Types and Interfacing with Arduino
By:     Vishal Shinde    1151 Views

These type of displays are found in many day-to-day applications. Let's discuss what are they and their types. Also, its interfacing with Arduino.... Read More

Temperature Sensor Interfacing With Arduino Project – Connections and Code
By:     Apurva Singh    1994 Views

In this article we will learn the basics of temperature sensors and their types. Also interfacing of PT100-S Temperature Sensor with Arduino UNO.... Read More

Interfacing LDR with Arduino – Step by Step Guide with Code
By:     Vishal Shinde    1143 Views

LDR SENSOR is nothing but a light-dependent resistor, its resistance changes according to changes in light intensity.  In this blog we will discuss what LDR SENSOR is and how it can be used with the ... Read More