Banner - 7-Segment Display – Introduction, Types and Interfacing with Arduino -
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A 7-segment display is the best affordable option when it comes to displaying numbers. Such display is widely used in devices that need to show only numerical information. You may have seen the 7-segment display in counter machines, fancy shop ba
Banner - Temperature Sensor Interfacing With Arduino
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Reading temperature using Arduino is a popular project amongst beginners. Temperature measurement is very common and useful in many applications, including small household to huge industrial devices. Generally, they are found in, Automobile
LDR interfacing with Arduino
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A light-dependent resister is also known as LDR SENSOR, which is used to detect the intensity of light. In this blog we will discuss what LDR SENSOR is and how it can be used with the Arduino Development Board.  Have you seen the stud lights? F
Interfacing of Buzzer with Arduino Step by Step Guide
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You might have seen buzzers in electric doorbells, alarm clocks also in alarm management systems. Moreover, in keypad feedback, or some games.  Features of buzzers like affordable price, light in weight, and simple in use make them usabl
Pulse sensor with arduino
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Hello Again! Welcome to another blog on Robu. In this modern world, where everyone needs more features and specifications on their hands. This sensor just became popular recently, once companies started implementing this in consumer electronics.
Control Your Motor Using GSM Module - Complete Guide - Robu
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In this article, we will learn how to operate a motor from remote locations using Arduino and GSM Module. The idea behind this project is powered by the problems faced by the Indian Farmers. You might have noticed that in most of the cases the
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Hey guys! hope you are doing well? In this blog, we will be showing a step by step guide on how to make a temperature-controlled fan using Arduino. Which can be very useful in many places. Let's hop into it and see what this blog is about. Introd
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Hello people, today we are going to see about the PIC microcontroller, what is it, and why we do use it. PIC is a microcontroller, before going to the introduction to PIC we will see a basic definition of a microcontroller. What is a Microcontrol
RFID and Passward based Door Lock System
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Generally, the Basic requirement of security can be done by using mechanical electric door locks. Now, in this digital world, we are using various digital technology. For example, identification of digital device using cards or token, door lock syst