Top 5 IDE RPI Thumb
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Lets get started to this blog real quick.There are many IDE available, some come with the recommended software bundle. I will be showing the best IDE for coding on any language you prefer. These are handpicked by me and are my opinion. It can vary f
5 Pros and 5 cons of Raspberry Pi
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All the Raspberry Pi fans(including me). I like making articles and blogs about Raspberry Pi a lot. So If you are planning to buy a raspberry Pi and you are a bit confused or if you just wanna know a honest opinion. I will be listing 5 pros and 5 co
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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new camera board that would dramatically improve the photographic capabilities available to the popular DIY computer’s enthusiasts and hobbyists. It’s called the High Quality Camera, and it’s bu
uninstall apps raspberry pi
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You might be having a raspberry pi, as you're here. There are times where we want to remove some apps or packages we installed and don't use anymore. In this tutorial I will be showing, how you can remove the packages/ apps from your raspberry pi.
what is raspberry pi
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Welcome! As you are here I think you are interested in knowing about raspberry pi. What it is . Well its a single board computer to say in short. In this I will be covering the basic of what is a raspberry pi actually. If you are familiar with Ardui
how to connect raspberry pi to laptop
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Namaste! ( hello ) and welcome back to another tutorial on raspberry pi. So have you ever tried connecting your raspberry pi to your laptop? No ? or faced any issue while connecting? This article is for you. In this I will show you simple ways to co
PIR IR sensor with arduino raspberry pi
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Hello, in our previous section we discussed the interfacing of an ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi and I hope you enjoyed the section. In this blog, we are going to discuss the types of infrared sensors and interfacing of IR sensor with Raspbe
opencv raspberry pi
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Kon'nichiwa(Hello)! all the people reading the tutorial. In this tutorial I will be showing how you can install Open CV to your Raspberry Pi board. So let's begin.Installing OpenCV to your Raspberry Pi requires a multiple steps with a handful of
finding ip address raspberry pi
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Namaste readers! Ever had issues in finding the IP address of your raspberry pi? I am here to help you with it. In this tutorial, I am going to share exactly how to find the IP address of Raspberry Pi within few steps.In order to connect to your