NVIDIA launches NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit
By: Vedant Sharma 1297 Views

It provides a development platform for the Jetson Xavier NX module that is smaller than a credit card size.... Read More

Avnet XRF16 RFSoC System-on-Module for enhancement of 5G application
By: Vedant Sharma 1186 Views

A 16-channel transceiver module capable of RF direct conversion of waveforms with analogue bandwidth up to 5 GHz.... Read More

ASUS launches Tinker Edge R mini PC for Machine learning and AI applications
By: Vedant Sharma 1129 Views

The all new single board mini computer is dedicated for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.... Read More

Raspberry Pi's new open source stack camera based on Libcamera
By: Vedant Sharma 1010 Views

The open source camera stack offers Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) drivers for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v1 and v2 - based on the Omnivision OV5647 and Sony IMX219 sensor modules.... Read More

Maxbotix’s Ultrasonic+IR Range Finder - IRXLMaxSonar - MB2530
By: Vedant Sharma 904 Views

The MB2530 is an elite sensor for observing distance and proximity inside 50cm to 1650cm with a 1cm resolution.... Read More

Unique Raspberry Pi relay board that stacks up to 32 relays
By: Vedant Sharma 1343 Views

Raspberry Pi relay board is available from the command line and incorporates Python drivers and pluggable connectors.... Read More

New DC-DC converters by Advanced Energy Industries
By: Vedant Sharma 901 Views

The new range of DC-DC converter provides low ripple and stable performance over temperature for a variety of precision high voltage applications.... Read More

AAEON BOXER series- The NVIDIA and AAEON AI and edge computing mini PC's
By: Vedant Sharma 811 Views

The BOXER-8120AI, features the Jetson TX2 4 GB module with 256 CUDA cores offering processing speeds up to 1.3 TFLOPS.... Read More

Banana Pi BPI-EAI80- a cheaper mini PC
By: Vedant Sharma 1044 Views

The mini PC has been made to give further developed structure and heavy performance, lower run and reserve power utilization, voice, computer vision.... Read More