Face tracking using Raspberry Pi.
By: Prathamesh Barik 22 Views

Hey guys, In this blog we will be making a simple face tracking device using Raspberry Pi.... Read More

Geometry Management In Tkinter APP - Place, Pack, Grid Managers
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In this tutorial, we will learn how Grid Manager works in Tkinter and how we can use Pack, Place, and Grid Geometry / Layout Managers in Tinker... Read More

Putty Configuration : Connecting Raspberry Pi to Laptop
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Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B with 8GB RAM is here..!
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The major upgrade is the RAM upgradation and its power supply system.... Read More

A new official Raspberry Pi Diagnostic tool (Agnostics) launched.
By: Vedant Sharma 1798 Views

The Raspberry Pi Diagnostics tool comes with the ability to test the Read and write speed of a Micro SD card.... Read More

How To Connect Raspberry Pi 4 To Relay
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Understand the interfacing of the 5v, 12v, 24v relay module with the Raspberry Pi GPIO and the code for the same. ... Read More

Raspberry Pi Ultrasonic Sensor Interface Tutorial
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Raspberry Pi 4 2GB variant now more affordable!
By: Vedant Sharma 1097 Views

The 1 GB RAM Variant was sold at ₹3,058 so we can say that the 2GB RAM variant is now available at the price of 1GB Variant.... Read More

Interfacing of GPS Module with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
By: Priyanka Dixit 8649 Views

This guide will help you set up the GPS module with Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi.... Read More