Pack Geometery Manager
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Hello Geek, welcome!! In this tutorial, we will learn how Grid Manager works in Tkinter and how we can use Pack, Place, and Grid Geometry / Layout Managers in Tinker?  In our previous blog, we learned how we can create widgets in our Tkinter
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After spending money on the raspberry pi are you wondering if you could connect it to your laptop display instead of connecting it to your TV or Monitor. Yeah ! it is possible to do so. In this article you will learn how you can connect your Raspber
raspberry pi 8GB
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Hey Makers...There is news from Raspberry PI...! Now RPI 4 board is more powerful than before with the Upgrade of 8GB RAM along with latest Broadcom 2711; Quad-Core Cortex A72 (ARM V8-A)  64-bit SoC Clocked at  1.5GHz  process
Raspberry Pi
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Raspberry Pi users can now test their SD cards with the Raspberry Pi’s officially launched new Diagnostic tool - "Agnostics" as the call it. The Raspberry Pi Diagnostics tool comes with the ability to test the Read and write speed of a Micro SD ca
raspberry-pi with relay
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Hello, previously, we have seen the working of an ultrasonic sensor and its use in the real world. In this tutorial, we are looking at one of the most discussed topics, which is the relay module. After the completion of this topic, you will underst
Ultrasonic Sensor with Raspberry Pi 4
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Hi geek, As I ensured in my previous article, I am back with an article on ultrasonic interfacing with Raspberry Pi GPIO. In our earlier article, we talked about the Raspberry Pi GPIO pinouts. If you haven't gone through it, I request you take a lo
Raspberry Pi 4
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  The Raspberry Pi is going to turn eight, having formally commenced on February 29, 2012. To commend, the Raspberry Pi establishment is forever bringing down the cost of a 2GB RAM Raspberry Pi 4 B to $35 or ₹3,058 down from its typical rundown
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This article demonstrates the interfacing of the UBlox NEO-M8N global positioning system (GPS) module with Arduino Uno and Raspberry pi. It is a very popular, cost-effective, high-performance GPS module. This GPS module comes with a ceramic patch
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In this tutorial we will be Designing a Graphical panel through which we will be able to control all the 21 GPIO's of Raspberry Pi as an Input or Output Pin. Credits for the program - scotty3785, Original code link - click here Step 1 - Programming